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  • The "leather" background for the header, the navigation buttons and the text box below the crew photos was created at
  • has been very useful in helping me to understand and create the html, javascript, css, etc. used on this site.
  • Some of the javascript used to validate the contact form was adapted from an answer by Philip M. to a question I posted on
  • The mouseover 'popup' images were created using adapted CSS and html from
    N.B. The position:fixed tag that I have used in my CSS to display my images at a fixed position on the screen is not recognised by Internet Explorer 6 or below.
  • The image magnifier used in various places across the site is called Magic Magnifier and can be found at The slide show on the Memorials page is called Magic Slideshow and is also from Magic Toolbox. Special thanks to Magic Toolbox for helping me make the Group Photos page look so good.