from and to
Mrs Nellie Jones
about her son,
John Stuart Jones

Letter from Mrs Nellie Jones to Bruce Westlake


Dear Mr Westlake,

As I did not have much time to talk with you when I saw you I should like to have it in writing how you saved my son, also if you could find me the name of the Home Guard man as I intend writing to our Member of Parliament who I know personally, as I think you deserve the G.M. if anyone does. I heard from John yesterday, he would love to be back in Bristol. He is rather miserable where he is now at a military hospital, they are thinking of amputating his fingers and also re-grafting some more skin on the back of his hand and he is not keen on going through it again, going to the theatre for another operation. I am sorry I did not see more of you when in Bristol, as I had been trying to find out who did actually save my boy. Please remember me to your sister.

Yours Sincerely

Nellie O Jones"

A note in pencil on the
bottom of the letter reads
"Son Sergeant Observer Stewart Jones"

Report submitted by P.C. Bruce Westlake

"Bristol Constabulary, 'C' Division, Redland Police Station


I beg to report that on the 29th September 1941 I received the following letter from Mrs Nellie Jones, 28 Kensington Avenue, Old Colwyn.

The incident referred to in the letter was on the occasion of a crashed RAF machine at St.Andrew's Park. At the time of the incident I submitted a report at the direction of Chief Inspector Stacey and I have nothing to add to that report.

The Home Guard referred to is Sergeant George Goodall of 22 Chesterfield Road, St.Andrew's Park, Bristol 6.

I respectfully suggest that this letter be forwarded to the Chief Constable's office in order that it be acknowledged and the name of the Home Guard supplied to Mrs Jones, together with the facts as submitted in my report.

I am not in possession of a copy of the report submitted as at the time of the occurrence I was attending instructional classes as a Probationer and therefore not in possession of an official memorandum book.

Bruce Westlake, Constable 52 C."

Letter from the Chief Constable to Mrs Nellie Jones



Mrs N.Jones


Your letter of the 23rd ult., addressed to Constable Bruce Westlake of this force has been handed to me.

I greatly appreciate your good intention with regard to an award to the Constable for the part he took in the rescue of your son from the aeroplane which crashed in this city on 30th April last, but any recommendation must emanate from me for submission to the Secretary of State for the Home Department.

The name and address of the Home Guard who assisted in the rescue is Sergeant George Goodall of 22 Chesterfield Road, St.Andrew's Park, Bristol 6.

Yours Faithfully

Chief Constable"

Letter from Mrs Nellie Jones to the Chief Constable



The Chief Constable, Bristol

Dear sir,

I thank you for your letter of the 3rd inst, and it is my intention and wish to try and see that Sergeant Goodall is suitably awarded. I should be very pleased to hear if you intend to put a recommendation through for Constable Westlake.

Thank You

Yours Faithfully

Nellie O Jones"