Bristol Fire Brigade
Occurrence Book

April 30th 1941

21.59 hrs:-

Message received at Central Control - aircraft down in St. Andrew's Park.

22.00 hrs:-

Sergeant Bryant with Emergency Car GHU 40 despatched.

22.01 hrs:-

AFS Station A4 (Tramways Depot, Gloucester Road) received report of aircraft down. Inspector Leek informed.

22.15 hrs:-

AFS Station A2 (North Road, Bishopston) asked for Regular Fire Brigade assistance with foam. Acting Superintendent Kirkup informed.

22.16 hrs:-

Acting Inspector Hobbs with A.F.2058, A.F.2142, P.C.50 and P.C.82, with P.C.86G driving with Ford foam car also dispatched.

22.35 hrs:-

Acting Superintendent Kirkup left for St. Andrew's Park in visiting car BHU 630.

23.41 hrs:-

From Inspector Redman - fire now under control, are burying magnesium.

Note: At this time the regular Bristol Fire Brigade was run by the police.