11 OTU
Operations Book

The entry in the 11 OTU Operations Book reads:-

"Bassingbourn - 30/4/41 - 2150.

Casualty. Wellington T.2905. crashed at ST. ANDREWS' PARK, BRISTOL, after hitting a balloon-cable. Captain, P/O EVANS, KG.; 979838 Sgt. LEVER, T.L.; 744913 Sgt. CLARKE, C.J.; killed. 964 Sgt. HOUGHTON, L.H.; 741779 Sgt. JONES, J.S. ; 1376482 Sgt. WISH, R.; injured. Aircraft category "E" - burnt.

Weather:- (At Bristol):- No low cloud; visibility 4,000 yards; surface wind 15 m.p.h."

This book can be found at the Public Records Office at Kew. Ref AIR 29/642.